Koels Wooing

The sound of bachelor koels trying to attract a mate announces the start of spring in our yard.  But don't be misled by the loud cooing. Koels are usually very shy and the males hide amongst the leaves, their eyes easily camouflaged by the mulberries.

male koel


We've had some success in sweet talking the koel last season to peek out of the branches long enough for us to photograph him.  Last year, the female koel was much bolder and stuck her neck out far enough for us to get some good shots.  These seasonal birds are not made welcome by the regulars as they know the dangers to their brood from the cuckoos.

This year the koels got bolder still.  The one above hopped around openly for Ron to get some good photographs.  He then aggressively chased the butcherbirds and the noisy miners out of the mulberry tree much to their annoyance.  When we went out to investigate their complaints we found two male koels trying to outdo each other with their singing.  The reason became clearer when the object of their adoration - the lady they were trying to impress honoured them with her presence. 

We managed to get some nice pictures of these elusive birds.

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Previous Slide 1/12 NextKoels wooingSomething's astirSomething's astiras the koel suddenlyas the koel suddenlyemboldened comes out into the openemboldened comes out into the opena nice demo of the fan taila nice demo of the fan taillooking vulnerable but determinedlooking vulnerable but determinedas he spots his rivalas he spots his rivaland gives him chaseand gives him chasewhile Kari currawong watches with interestwhile Kari currawong watches with interestand the lady at the centreand the lady at the centrewatches her hero from abovewatches her hero from aboveWill she agree?Will she agree?Yes - she says coming out of hiding.Yes - she says coming out of hiding.


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